Limbe botanical Garden, Cameroon

Established in 1893 Limbe botanical gardens is a well-known recreational area found on the lower slopes of Mount Cameroon and covers an area of about 52 hectares. The relaxed ambience offered in this beautiful garden enables holidaymakers to explore the various trails where you will be able to see different types of plants and animals including a tiny zoo that houses the red eared guenons and gorillas among others. This is a good place to visit as a family and also for a day trip especially when you have limited Safari time

Limbe’s Botanical Gardens, the second oldest in Africa, are the home of, among others, cinnamon, nutmeg, mango, ancient cycads and an unnamed tree that locals describe as ‘African Viagra’. There’s a small visitors center and an area with Commonwealth War Graves. Guides aren’t required but are recommended as labelling is minimal.

The garden features several well-marked trails leading through abundant wildlife-sorted and labeled-as well as a small zoo with gorillas, red-eared guenons, Preuss monkeys, and chimps

Several routes have been mapped out to enable tourists to visit the garden such as:

– the coastal trail, which enables tourists to have a good view of the western part of the garden ;

– the biodiversity trail, which enables the tourist to get a picture of the biodiversity found in the garden ;

– the Bota adventure trail, where big trees and some wild animals can be seen;

– the riverside trail, where trees and creepers more than 100 years old etc. are found.