Arli National Park, Burkina Faso

Arli National Park is situated in southeastern Burkina Faso. It adjoins Singou Reserve in the west and Pendjari National Park in the south. The park is home to about 100 lions, 200 elephants and 200 hippos. Bufallo, baboons, green and red monkeys, boar, warthog, bushbucks, duikers and antelopes are also available in the park. Take a game drive to see the park’s diverse wildlife and learn about different species of wild animals.

Arli is home to a good diversity of plants and animals and it’s located in the southwestern part of the country. Its landscape is crossed by two major rivers Gobnangou and Tamnarga which together with its diverse habitants support a diversity animal including elephants, gazelle, boars, lions, various antelopes, hippos, different monkey species and baboons. One of the best places to see different animals during your visit is the Tounga waterhole especially during the dry season where a large number of animals congregate to quench their thirst. The African wild dog is among the unique species found in this park.

Lakes and ponds are spread all over the Park, filled up by small rivers and creeks. Here live different species of water birds and of course a very interesting group of hippos. You can visit the park by car and follow the guides if you want to explore some parts on foot. It is possible, though now rare in this area, to spot the West African Wild Dogs.

Game trips, safaris, excursions on foot are the main activities you can do at Arli National Park