A Dive at Kota Waterfall, Benin

Fancy a refreshing dip? Consider heading to the Kota Falls, 15km southeast of Natitingou, off the main highway. You can hike around in the hills, swim in the pool at the bottom of the falls or just sit down and read in the cool shade of the undergrowth

Falls are formed by a dome of waterfalls, and Down is down, and it’s through the trail in the botanical Garden of Panatia that you arrive at the foot of the waterfalls, where you can swim. A new, absolutely charming trail was built in 2013, leaving two options to get down to the waterfalls. Very nice place to walk. Bungalows were built for those who would prefer to spend the night on the spot

The Kota is a 20 meter or 65 feet high waterfall that is located in an isolated area and offers a private and relaxed pool where you can enjoy a refreshing dip. Its serene ambience offers a wonderful setting to enjoy an afternoon picnic. For those who wish to spend a couple of nights in this romantic environment there is accommodation where you can book you overnight stay.